5. Very Wayree (Chain from Vengeance) 2020

Paramita was breathtaking and you can loved by everyone. The woman is as well as the heiress of just one of the high-making a residential property enterprises, The new Emperor. Prior to she will leave Thailand to go investigation overseas, this lady has a bad run into.

Parin works well with a contending resort that is trying feel in the the major regarding the hospitality community. When Paramita production and you will match him again, she is reminded of their you to-night sit.

She gets significantly more aggravated when she learns one to Parin works for its rival. Tend to both of these discover love for the an aggressive world of business?

6. Trab Fah Mee Tawan (My personal Forever Sunlight) 2020

Paeng is inspired by a wealthy family members however, is overlooked within her young people on account of her moms and dads getting thus active. Because of this, Paeng will get very rotten.

Whenever the girl moms and dads tragically pass away, Paeng’s teens friend Arthit has sympathy for her and you may attracts the girl to keep which have your along with his family members. Paeng developed an obsession with Arthit and you may wants to wed your, however, Arthit refuses.

Paeng factors Arthit to view a detrimental crash, thus she actually is requested to exit their house. From the ages they are apart, Paeng discovers which she actually is and you may develops herself immensely.

Whenever Arthit’s dad requires this lady to return Pasadena escort service, she finds one to Arthit still retains a very strong grudge against the girl.

seven. Payakorn Sorn Ruk (Prophecy off Like) 2020

Rosita goes in a poor car crash and you can recovers that have an effective unique feature: she will today give the future when she matches a rose.

She informs a king’s ransom you to Theeruth, a well-known actor gets a child within the miracle and you can will get him on troubles, which also begins his dislike for her.

Years later on, Rosita is advising luck getting popular a-listers when she has an effective prophecy away from Theeruth. She has that it a key, however it seems that anyone would like to be aware of the realities and you will even wants Rosita dead.

Theeruth and this is preserves the lady of a bad situation and you may attracts this lady to stay that have him to keep the girl secure because we all know they hate one another anyhow.

8. Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (Off Opponent to the Heart) 2020

Jett dislikes Sophita while the she tampered together with his experience of Rin, their ex boyfriend-girlfriend. Sophita, a manager in the a large enterprise features a target on her behalf straight back.

Jett has just obtained out-of prison and you can turned into a beneficial gunman for hire. The guy grabbed the job as he realized the goal are their ex’s sis, Sophita.

9. Fah Mee Tawan (The brand new Heavens Contains the Sun) 2020

Paul is on an effective binge to possess payback. His dad remaining your with his mom for Net and you will took the business company having him, that actually is part of Paul’s mom.

When you look at the pain, Paul’s mom passes away. Decades afterwards, Paul has returned so you can claim their directly to the firm. Paul as well as struggles to acquire their father’s recognition exactly who reveals significantly more like to Nainapha, Net’s then followed daughter.


Fuenglada is actually a pleasant highschool pupil who may have a tremendously close reference to her dad. During his way to get a hold of this lady in school, Fuenglada’s father will get strike from the Taen’s auto and you will dies.

Taen try an abundant widower having a girl. Immediately after understanding you to definitely Fuenglada would-be sold so you’re able to a criminal, he decides to get married this lady though there is a significant decades pit.

Fuenglada detests Taen for what he performed to her dad and you can Taen does not trust their household members. While they both begin its lifestyle together with her inside the an older child more youthful lady relationship, what happens on the wedding?

11. Prom Pissawat (The brand new Future of Like) 2020

Plapol doesn’t have a beneficial viewpoint of women. He believes all women try gold diggers particularly when his father re-partnered a woman you to Plapol thinks is immediately after his dad’s money.